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Foodies: A Food Lover's Day Trip Guide to Scioto County, Ohio

For food enthusiasts, Scioto County, Ohio, is a treasure trove of culinary experiences waiting to be explored. From savory smoked meats to delectable sweets, this day trip guide is designed to take you on a gastronomic adventure through the county's finest eateries, showcasing the flavors and tastes that define this charming region.

Morning: Breakfast and Local Flavors

Start your food journey with a hearty breakfast at Patsy's in Portsmouth. Savor a traditional American breakfast of eggs, bacon, and biscuits and gravy. After breakfast, head to Scent From Heaven Bakery to grab one of their famous glazed croissants (what inspired the cronut craze!).

Mid-Morning: Pick-me-Up

On your way to or from your outings, drive through Adam's Flying Pig Coffee House for a

mid-morning pick-me-up. We recommend their Strawberry Mocha Latte.

Lunch: Small Town Delights

For a cozy, small town experience, make your way to Market Street Cafe in Portsmouth for lunch. This charming eatery specializes in panini sandwiches and soups that change daily. Enjoy a crisp summer salad, or opt for a savory wrap–we recommend the "Turkey Crunch Wrap," we guarantee you haven't had anything like it before!

Afternoon: A Historic Brew

After walking the Floodwall Murals or browsing the antique shops in the historic Boneyfiddle District in Portsmouth, stop by The Portsmouth Brewing Company for a break and a locally brewed beer. Since 1843, this historic establishment is still brewing original Portsmouth Brewing Co. recipes from the 1800’s, but have also added some new favorites to their list of handmade craft brewed beer. We recommend the Red Bird Ale.

Early Evening: Iconic Dining

Wrap up your food-focused day at The Scioto Ribber in Portsmouth, where you can enjoy a memorable dinner in the place where celebrities have dined. Starting out just cooking for friends and family, and now an iconic restaurant, The Scioto Ribber smokes all of their own meats (you'll see the big smokers and piles of hickory wood on your way in). Savor one of their famous steaks along with their mouth-watering sides. We recommend the sweet potato and the german slaw.

Evening: Nightcap and Reflection

Before bidding farewell to your culinary adventure, unwind with a nightcap at Port City Pub in Portsmouth. This cozy cocktail bar offers a selection of handcrafted drinks that showcase regional spirits and creative mixology. Sip on a Old Fashioned made with Kentucky bourbon from just across the river.

From morning treats to iconic dining, Scioto County offers a captivating array of flavors for food enthusiasts to savor. This day trip guide provides just a glimpse of the culinary treasures waiting to be discovered in this charming region. As you explore the diverse eateries and experience the local food scene, you'll undoubtedly gain a deeper appreciation for the tastes and traditions that make Scioto County a true culinary destination.


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