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Scioto County beckons outdoor enthusiasts with its diverse range of recreational activities. From scenic hiking trails and thrilling water sports along the Ohio River to serene camping spots and abundant wildlife viewing opportunities, the county offers an endless playground for nature lovers of all ages.



For the best hiking spots in Scioto County, check out Shawnee State Park, Raven Rock Nature Preserve, and Wayne National Forest.


Water Sports

For the best kayak/canoeing spots, check out The Scioto River (launch site at Alexandria Point), Roosevelt Lake, Turkey Creek Lake, and Scioto Brush Creek.

For the best boating, head to the Ohio River. Boat ramps are available at Shawnee State Marina, Shawnee Boat ClubThe Anchor Pad Boat Club, and Holiday Point Marina and Campground.


Disc Golf

For the best disc golf courses in Scioto County, check out the Earl Thomas Conley Park Course, and the Shawnee State Park Course.



For the best camping in Scioto County, check out our overview of campgrounds.


Golf & Miniature Golf

For the best golfing, check out The Elks Country Club, Little Scioto Golf Course, and Wheelersburg Golf Center. For miniature golf, check out Buckeye Dairy Bar.


Indoor Amusement

If indoor amusement is what you are looking for, check out Southern Ohio Axe Throwing, Boneyfiddle Golf and Lounge, The Vault Ohio E-Sports & video gaming, or Deadbolt: Boneyfiddle Escape Rooms and Mysteries.


Read our guide for all things indoor amusement in Scioto County!


Mountain & Road Biking

For the best mountain biking in Scioto County, check out Shawnee State Park.


Horseback Riding

For the best horseback riding in Scioto County, check out Ben's Happy Trails. If you are bringing your own horses, check out Bear Lake Horse Camp in Shawnee State Park.


ATV Riding

For the best ATV trails in Scioto County, check out Wayne National Forest.



For the best fishing in Scioto County, check out Turkey Creek Lake, Roosevelt Lake, Lake Vesuvius, The Ohio River, and The Scioto River. There are also many Pay Lakes like Grey Wolf Pay Lake.


Pump Tracks & Skate Park

For the best pump tracks, check out Earl Thomas Conley Park and the Shawnee State Ohio River Campground. For the best skate park, check out Portsmouth Skate Park.



For the best motorsports, check out Portsmouth Raceway Park, KD Motorsports Park, and Wheelersburg Raceway.


Farms & Orchards

Scioto County's agritourism scene provides an authentic and immersive experience for visitors seeking to connect with the land and local traditions. From picking fresh apples in picturesque orchards to navigating challenging corn mazes on family farms, agritourism in Southern Ohio offers a delightful blend of rural charm and hands-on activities for all to enjoy.



When the weather turns chilly or you're seeking indoor entertainment, Scioto County offers a range of thrilling options. Test your aim and competitive spirit at Southern Ohio Axe Throwing, or practice your swing at Boneyfiddle Golf and Lounge. Dive into mystery and puzzles at Deadbolt Escape Room, where your problem-solving skills are put to the test in immersive and exciting scenarios. Try your hand at video gaming at The Vault Ohio, a state-of-the-art ESPORTS and video arcade arena with a 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) fiber optic connection. Indoors in Scioto County, the fun never stops!

Mountain biking in Shawnee State Forest was an exhilarating experience that exceeded all expectations. The forest's diverse trails offered a perfect mix of challenging climbs, thrilling descents, and breathtaking scenery. Whether navigating through lush woodlands or tackling rugged terrains, every twist and turn was a reminder of the sheer beauty and adventure that Shawnee State Forest has to offer to mountain biking enthusiasts like me."

Alex Y.

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