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Autumn Escapade: Embrace the Magic of Fall in Scioto County, Ohio

As the leaves transform into a symphony of colors, Scioto County beckons with a captivating array of autumn experiences that celebrate the season's beauty and spirit. From cultural festivals to scenic bike races, this guide invites you to immerse yourself in the enchantment of autumn in this picturesque region.

Craft Beer Fest: Savor the Flavors of Fall

For more information, visit @FriendsofPortsmouth on Facebook or Instagram

Kickstart your autumn adventure at the Craft Beer Fest presented by Friends of Portsmouth, where local and regional breweries converge to offer a tantalizing selection of seasonal brews. This festive event pairs the warmth of community with the rich flavors of fall, providing a perfect opportunity to enjoy craft beers while soaking up the vibrant atmosphere.

White Gravel Mines, Cavern of Choices: Live Drama

4007 White Gravel-McDaniel Rd, Minford, OH 45653

Immerse yourself in the captivating White Gravel Mines, Cavern of Choices, Live Drama, a theatrical experience partly inspired by CS Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters. The production presents a unique Christian perspective concerning the importance of good life decisions and the consequences of bad ones.

John Roger Simon Sorghum Festival: Tradition and Delights

8721 Careys Run Pond Creek Road, Portsmouth, OH 45663

Celebrate the region's heritage at the John Roger Simon Sorghum Festival, where tradition comes to life amidst the autumn hues. From live music and arts to delectable sorghum treats, this festival embodies the spirit of community and offers a chance to partake in local customs that have been cherished for generations.

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For the adventure enthusiasts, the Tour of the Scioto River Valley Bike Race (TOSRV) from Columbus, Ohio to Portsmouth, Ohio and back presents an exhilarating journey through picturesque landscapes and charming communities. Whether you're a cyclist or a spectator, this event promises a unique perspective on Scioto County's scenic beauty and rich history.

Noble Family Farms: A Harvest Haven for Autumn Enthusiasts

11210 OH-335, Minford, OH 45653

Embark on a quintessential fall adventure at Noble Family Farms, where autumn comes alive with an array of seasonal attractions. Navigate through intricate corn mazes that challenge your sense of direction, or delight in the simple joy of a hayride through the rolling countryside. Let the kids dive into corn pits and savor the thrill of pumpkin picking from the vibrant pumpkin patches. This farm offers a full spectrum of autumn activities that promise laughter, memories, and a heartfelt connection to the harvest season.

444 Jacobs Cemetery Rd, Lucasville, OH 45648

Terror in the Trees beckons thrill-seekers to venture into the heart of darkness, where the woods come alive with spine-chilling scares and eerie encounters. This haunted trail promises an unforgettable journey through a realm of fear and excitement, making it a must-visit attraction for those seeking a hair-raising adventure in Scioto County.

Pro Tips for an Unforgettable Autumn Getaway:

  1. Plan Ahead: Check event schedules and accommodations in advance to ensure a smooth trip.

  2. Dress Comfortably: Embrace the autumn weather by packing layers and comfortable attire.

  3. Capture the Moment: Don't forget your camera to capture the stunning fall foliage and memorable moments.

  4. Local Delights: Sample seasonal treats and local specialties at the festivals and events.

  5. Explore Beyond: While enjoying the main attractions, take time to explore nearby hidden gems and natural wonders.

Autumn in Scioto County is a time of celebration, reflection, and exploration. This guide invites you to embrace the vibrant fall season through a series of diverse experiences that capture the essence of the region. From sipping craft beers to immersing yourself in dramatic performances, your autumn adventure promises memories that will warm your heart long after the leaves have fallen.


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