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Winter Wonderland: Embrace the Magic of Winter in Scioto County, Ohio

As the air turns crisp and snow blankets the landscape, Scioto County transforms into a winter wonderland filled with enchanting experiences. From festive festivals to underground wonders, this guide invites you to discover the joys of winter in this picturesque region.

Winterfest: A Month-Long Celebration

Kick off the winter season at Winterfest, a month-long extravaganza presented by Friends of Portsmouth. Lace up your skates and glide on the ice skating rink, where laughter and graceful spins create a festive atmosphere. Say hello to Santa and explore the artisan vendors offering unique gifts, crafts, and treats. Delight in the charm of horse-drawn carriage rides through the streets adorned with twinkling lights. Don't forget to explore the gift shop, brimming with one-of-a-kind items that capture the essence of Southern Ohio and the season.

White Gravel Mines Christmas Caves: Subterranean Splendor

Escape the winter chill and venture underground to the White Gravel Mines Christmas Caves. Experience the wonder of a cave adorned with stunning holiday lights, creating a magical underground journey that's unlike anything you've seen before. Marvel at the intricate formations illuminated by festive colors and immerse yourself in the unique live drama re-telling of the Savior’s birth.

Otway Covered Bridge: A Bridge to the Holidays

Experience the holiday spirit from the comfort of your car. Enjoy a leisurely drive through the hills of Scioto County to the Otway Covered Bridge in Otway, Ohio. This historic covered bridge is decorated with holiday lights that bring the magic of the holidays to life. Walk or drive through the illuminated bridge and embrace the spirit of the holidays in a unique, yet fun way.

Pro Tips for Your Winter Adventure:

  1. Bundle Up: Dress warmly to stay comfortable during outdoor activities and winter festivities.

  2. Check Schedules: Verify event timings and any reservation requirements for a seamless experience.

  3. Capture Memories: Bring a camera to capture the beauty of winter landscapes and festive moments.

  4. Support Local: Embrace the holiday spirit by shopping from local artisans and vendors.

  5. Safety First: Follow any safety guidelines provided by event organizers and attractions.

Scioto County's winter offerings invite you to experience the season's magic in unique and heartwarming ways. Whether you're gliding on the ice, exploring an underground wonderland, or simply savoring the festive ambiance, this guide promises a memorable winter adventure that captures the essence of the season's joy and beauty.


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